Join Camp Quality for ‘Dine at Mine’ 2014

Dine at MineI often say “food is pleasure, live to eat don’t just eat to live” and this August inviting mates around for a meal can help kids with cancer live a better life.

Dine at Mine is a yearly event to raise funds for children’s family cancer charity Camp Quality. I’ve been a long time ambassador for Camp Quality and am proud to support the campaign.

Host a Dine at Mine event this August

  1. Plan an event that works for you — maybe it’s a BBQ with mates, a weekend picnic in the park, or even a fancy dinner party.
  2. Register for Dine at Mine 2014
  3. You cook and have fun with your family and friends
  4. Your guests donate what they would have spent on a night out — raising money to help support children living with cancer around Australia.

Dine with Mine is a great chance to support Camp Quality in all they do for kids with cancer and their families. To help you plan Camp Quality have provided a few dining ideas, and of course if you want to spoil your guests with a home cooked French feast I have you covered there too. Bon appétit!


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