Summer Tastes with Manu and Murray Valley Pork

Murray Valley Pork - Summer Tastes with ManuI was in Melbourne recently with Murray Valley Pork as part of their Summer Tastes event. In addition to holding cooking demos I had the opportunity to meet some fabulous fans and do a few interviews about my top tips for summer BBQs, how I fed a crowd last Christmas and of course my favourite way to cook pork!

You can watch the interviews below, or click on the recipe titles to view the cooking demo videos for Pork Paupiettes, Roast Pork Strip Loin with Fennel and a special Pork Wellington Stuffed with Apricots and Cranberries (coming soon).


First up, a few of my favourite things to pair with pork, dos & don’ts for summer picnics and my top tips for a simple Aussie Christmas.

Here I share some of my favourite Melbourne eateries and classic meals I remember from childhood, as well as my top achievement and biggest inspiration.

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Photo credit: Murray Valley Pork


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