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Leftover Pastry Palmiers

A Palmier is a sweet and crispy pastry that is perfect for breakfast or dessert. They’re so simple to make and a great way to use leftover pastry offcuts. Of course if you want to make them with fresh pastry

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Tomato, Goats Feta and Basil Quiche with Shortcrust Pastry

Quiche tomate cerise, basilic et fromage de feta I enjoy quiches straight out of the oven, as well as cold the next day. Just make sure you don’t overcook your quiche to keep it lovely and moist, otherwise it won’t

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Pain Perdu with Vanilla Ice-Cream & Figs

This version of French toast is a mix between the traditional version and a good English bread and butter pudding. The caramelised figs add a beautiful sweetness to this dessert.

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